Pilates Moves Syra Shehroz Swears By
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Pilates Moves Syra Shehroz Swears By

Syra Shehroz’s pilates moves are lit

If you are an avid Pakistani dramas and movies industry fan, you definitely must have heard about Syra Shehroz. The glamorous girl next-door has made a prominent mark in the entertainment industry. We have seen her metamorphosis from a young model, to a bubbly VJ, then marking her forté into acting and not shying away when the golden opportunity knocked on the big screen with a major Pakistani movie Chalay Thay Saath. Amidst all her busy schedule, she takes out time to keep herself physically fit. Going to gym is a regular activity that Syra thoroughly enjoys. Sana Sheikh, her trainer from Pilates Lab in Karachi, Pakistan takes us through the fitness journey of Syra Shehroz and spills all the secret behind the celebrity’s fit physique.

Syra Shehroz Fitness Routine:

According to trainer Sana Sheikh, Syra Shehroz main focus is on core so there are 5 exercise that targets her core and she swears by it. Let’s get to know her workout routine on different machines of Pilatez Lab.

1.      Coordination:

The first exercise that is done on Reformer (A gym machine dedicated for Pilates routine) is called Coordination. This particular workout transverse Abdominis move is everybody’s favourite because it targets the core and lower abdomen like no other. Syra does coordination reps from 6 to 12.

2.      The Roll Down Bar:

The second exercise that Syra Shehroz swears by is The Roll Down Bar. According to the trainer, it moves you in three different transitions. The first transition Syra does is mainly for the core, so you can roll down and up using your core. The exercises also teaches you how to sit tall, because most of us are on desktops and phones and usually bound forward so this exercise teaches you use all your leg and back muscles.

3.      The Side Sit Up:

The side sit up workout routine is done on barrels. This exercise routine stabilizes your lower body. It targets and taps into your oblique system by working on your inner and outer oblique’s. Syra does 6 of these on each side and does 2 reps in every session.

4.      Single Leg Stretch:

This single leg stretch workout routine is done on the exercise mat. It uses your abs to curl your upper body off the mat to the base of your shoulder blades. (This is the upper body curl for all of the exercises. Just hold onto a magical circle or simply hold onto your knees.

5.      Pull Up Hamstring 3:

This is one of the most effective athletic apparatus that works on the core because it mainly it uses your core strength to lift the peddles up. This machine actually makes you feel your core and it also uses up your arms to stabilize and moves those peddles all the way up.

Interesting bit about Syra’s is that she worked with a hydro fit personal trainer for her fitness regime while working on her movie Chalay They Saath. That shows her passion for remaining in shape. If you are inspired by Syra Shehroz workout routine, then Pilates is a way to go. Pilates targets the core like no other. It improves balance and flexibility, strengthens your core, builds muscles, helps with back pains and increase your energy.

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