Global Fusion 2020 Concert Brings an All-Women Group from Around the World

Alpen Captial’s annual show was a delight this year too. Titled ‘Queens of Melody’ the show had violinist Kala Ramnath from India as the lead artiste, along with the UAE’s 17-year-old Taif Ali Obeid (Kanoon), Mohini Dey (Bass), Savani Talwalkar (Tabla), Ann Sajdera (Piano) from Czech Republic, Sahba Motallebi (Tar) of Iran, Karina Colis (Drums) from Mexico, Hasini Melegama (Percussion) from Sri Lanka, Suzy Eises (Saxophone) from Namibia; and Carolina Rosales (Kalbeliya Dance) from Chile. Together, the ladies enthralled the elite audience at Jumeirah Beach Hotel