PHOTO ALERT: Aryan Khan or Shah Rukh Khan?
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PHOTO ALERT: Aryan Khan or Shah Rukh Khan?

Ae you ready to see this star kid in the movies?

We’ll be honest. We actually had to do a double take on this one! They are the same intensely piercing eyes, those same furrowed brows and surprisingly the same invincible expression! Star kid Aryan Khan had inherited the best of his Dad Shah Rukh Khan, who is truly the Baadshah of Bollywood.

While King Khan deserves the crown on his head, the young prince has already got a head start, we just have to wait and see where he goes after this.

Aryan shared this picture with his friends on Instagram, and his uncanny resemblance to a younger version of his famous Dad will be hard to ignore for film producers. While neither Aryan nor SRK have ever mentioned the youngster’s interest in joining the industry, we’re ready as ever to see Aryan Khan take centre stage!  

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