‘People Shouldn’t End up Seeing Only Salman Khan Films 200 Years Later’: Naseeruddin Shah
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‘People Shouldn’t End up Seeing Only Salman Khan Films 200 Years Later’: Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah talks about the kind of cinema that people should remember and Salman Khan doesn’t feature in them!

Veteran film actor Naseeruddin Shah isn’t known to mince words. His opinion may ruffle feathers but he doesn’t bother. A few years ago, he had created a huge controversy when he opined that Rajesh Khanna was a mediocre actor, prompting a sharp rebuttal from the late superstar’s daughter Twinkle Khanna.

This time, he has launched a veiled attack on none other than Salman Khan! According to Shah, Bollywood shouldn't be remembered for him. “I feel that cinema can’t change society or bring a revolution. I’m also not sure of cinema as a medium of education. Documentaries can be educative, not feature films. People see them and forget. The only serious function films can serve is to act as a record of their times,” Shah told PTI in an interview.

The actor says it’s for this reason that he chose to work in movies like A Wednesday or his recent short film, Rogan Josh, set in the aftermath of 26/11 attacks. “I consider it my responsibility to take part in such films. All my serious works are a representative of their times. Cinema will survive. These films would be seen 200 years later.

“People should know what the India of 2018 was like. They shouldn’t end up seeing only Salman Khan films 200 years later. India is not like that. Cinema is for posterity,” he adds. Rogan Josh by Sanjeev Vig, features Shah as a celebrated chef at The Taj Hotels who invites his family and friends home for dinner to celebrate his birthday.

Salman, as usual, has not reacted to the tirade. He is too big a superstar to be ruffled by anyone’s opinion. Moreover, Salman has always said that he makes movies for his fans and not critics. And his fans love his entertainers. That’s what matters, right Salman?

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