Pearl Balm Massage

Pearl Balm Massage

Nourish yourself with a spectacular Pearl Balm massage

WHAT: An intense nourishing massage using pearl balm.

WHERE: Ahasees Spa and Club, Grand Hyatt Dubai; 04 3171234;

: 90 minutes.

HOW MUCH: Dhs650.

THE PROCESS: The Ahasees spa at the Grand Hyatt follows a different philosophy for its spa treatments. Each therapy is inspired by the evolution of Dubai and includes cultural influences in the balms, oils and other products used in various treatments. The Pearl Balm massage is one of the best on the spa menu and while at a glance it seems like any other body massage, it's only after it's over that you realise that what you have experienced is something very unique indeed. The treatment begins with a thorough check up of your health requirements. Thereafter, the masseur leads you to the therapy room and begins your massage. Firstly, the energy flow is awakened within the body with deep strokes. Every single area, especially the back and shoulders are massaged using a lot of pressure. After this, a nourishing pearl balm is applied to soothe the muscles that have been worked upon. It immediately cools your skin.

The pearl balm gives a distinct glow to the body while the intense pressure makes your muscles supple.

Try this massage once a month to feel supremely rejuvenated.