PCOS: Here Are Some Of The Lifestyle Tweaks You Need To Adopt Pronto!

PCOS: Here Are Some Of The Lifestyle Tweaks You Need To Adopt Pronto!

Here are some of the lifestyle changes that will give you the upper hand if you are dealing With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) is a real epidemic these days affecting women of the reproductive age. It is said that every 1 woman out of 10 and as young as 14 are dealing with the metabolic condition these days, all thanks to our lifestyles that are not only unhealthy but are also devoid of any or less physical activity. With each being different from another in terms of signs and symptoms, it doesn’t only affect fertility but overall appearance as well. Unfortunately, there is curing but the condition can be reversed by observing which part of your lifestyle is wrong and needs to be corrected.

PCOS: Here Are Some Of The Lifestyle Tweaks You Need To Adopt Pronto!

Do I Have PCOS?

For the uninformed, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is basically an endocrinal disorder that causes hormonal imbalance in women that creates lots of other health issues. Now how do you know if you have a polycystic syndrome? Here are a few of the symptoms that can reveal the real condition.

External Symptoms

·         Acne

·         Oily skin

·         Facial hair growth

·         Weight gain/obesity

Internal Symptoms

·         Insulin resistance

·         infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods

·         an ultrasound that shows cysts in ovaries

PCOS: Here Are Some Of The Lifestyle Tweaks You Need To Adopt Pronto!

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Reverse PCOS:

See, PCOS is basically a lifestyle disorder. It could be the couch potato in your or that quick crispy burger in the office that might have been the reason behind the hormonal disbalance. One might never know the reason. But here are some lifestyle tweaks that need to be done to reverse the syndrome.

1.    Throw Out Everything Unprocessed:

If you are a PCOS, throw out everything unprocessed tout de suite. Take a glance at the food and make a mental note if this food is going to nourish you or won't make you feel good. A diet that is replete with lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, pulses, lean meats like fish. Women with PCOS have insulin resistance and therefore the diet needs to be rich in fiber with no or limited carbohydrates and processed foods.

2.    Adopt A Physical Active Lifestyle:

You cannot get away with PCOS unless an element of physical activity is in your life. But then a physical activity should not feel you are going o a battleground rather an activity that you enjoy the most while doing it. That is when it can become a part of one’s lifestyle. So kick that sedentary lifestyle out and include morning walk, swimming, jogging, aerobics, Zumba, gymming anything that is within reach and easily available.

3.    Cancel Out Simple Sugars:

Women with PCOS have insulin resistance which means a diet should be devoid of any kind of simple sugars. Sugar should only come from complex carbohydrates. Natural sugars like This include natural sugars such as honey, maple syrup, and agave. Alternatives to simple sugar are sugar substitutes such as stevia or monk fruit or sugar in the form of vegetables and fruits.

4.    Small Lifestyle Tweaks:

·         Drink water throughout the day so that water retention can be tackled which is normal with PCOS patients.

·         Use herbs like methi seeds, cinnamon, and flaxseed to balance hormones.

·         Working towards mental health is also extremely important. One must ensure a stress-free life along with physical activity and diet that plays a holistic role in one’s progress.

Although there is currently no cure for PCOS, it is possible for a person to reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life by adopting a healthful diet and becoming more physically active.

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