Payal Rohatgi to Tie the Knot With Big Boss Contestant
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Payal Rohatgi to Tie the Knot With Big Boss Contestant

The actress to settle down with Sangram Singh

It's been four years since they officially got betrothed to each other. Yesterday, Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh announced that they are getting married to each other.

Sangram says, “We had originally planned to tie the knot within a year of engagement, but we got busy with our work commitments and kept postponing the plan. Everything happens when it’s meant to and I feel that it’s about time now. I am planning a winter wedding and don’t want to delay starting a family. We have been together since six years and understand the need of the hour. Payal and her family members are progressive and they knew that marriage could wait. However, my mother calls me every second day to enquire about my wedding plans. So, I don’t think there is any point delaying it anymore.”

The marriage is expected to take place during this December and the preparations are already underway.

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