Payal Rohatgi and All The Times She Landed Herself In Controversy
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Payal Rohatgi and All The Times She Landed Herself In Controversy

Payal Rohatgi, the former Bigg Boss contestant, recently received flak for accepting to accept bribes to tweet against Muslims

Controversy's favourite child - this term seems synonymous with former Bigg Boss and beauty queen Payal Rohatgi. Recently, the actress was making headlines after a video of her negotiate a bribe with a reporter to tweet against Muslims and spread hate speech. Payal, who was a Bigg Boss contestant back in 2008, received flak over it and was slammed by Twitter users. But this isn't the first time Payal will be making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Here's a lowdown of some of the incidents where she irked many:

1. Comments on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja, an Indian Warrior King, and his cast:

In June, Payal was slammed for her remarks on Indian Warrior King. “Chhatrapati shivaji maharaja was born in shudra varna in family of farmers and by sacred thread ceremony and remarriage to his spouse made a kshtriaya so that he could be coronated King. So people from one Varna could go to another Varna if they acquired that skill. No casteism?” the actor said in a tweet, which was met with immense backlash. ]

Soon after she was slamme on Twitter for her tweet, she uploaded a, apologising for her comments.

“My simple question has been misconstrued into a hate speech. Even I, obviously, worship such a legendary Hindu King. I was reading something and came across an information which I put out. But social media is full of nameless trolls,” she had said in the video.

2. When she called Gauhar Khan 'who was in an unsuccessful relationship with a Hindu guy':

Payal and Gauhar Khan, who also was a participate and then a winner on Bigg Boss got in an ugly spat in April. When Payal called out the people who criticised Indian government imposed Article 370 on Kashmir, she said then Muslims should leave Kashmir. Gauahar then shared that Payal herself was living in a building with majority of Muslim residents. 

Payal then slammed Gauhar and wrote, "Muslim Aunty who played the feminist card to win a realityshow, who was in a unsuccessful relationship with a Hindu guy, has emerged. She knows the population of my building  then you should know I own the flat. You workout in hijab? Because Muslim women in my building do that."

"This trash tried to convert Hindu boyfriend of Bigg Boss 7 and then played the victim card. She talks about tolerance and respect. Ironical these jihadis want to convert everyone via force/love. Kahsmiri Muslims  should leave Kashmir if Kashimiri Pandits can be asked. Kashmir is NOT their property," she added. 

3. When she shared her two cents on Sati: 

The debate on Sati tradition, which was already in full swing after Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus, Padmaavat was about to hit the screens, blew up after Payal Rohatgi tweeted a video, "Truth behind Sati Pratha in India" and called Raja Ram Mohan Roy a 'traitor'. The tweet was captioned: "#Jauhar was an incident related to Padmavati [movie] during Mughal Khiljis invasion. Later society, with the help of traitors like Raja Ram, who Britishers used to divide society, made Sati into an evil forceful practice."

Reacting to a tweet which read 'Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a social reformer and founder of Brahmo Samaj movement', Payal Rohatgi called Raja Ram Mohan Roy a "chamcha [lackey]" of the British, who, she said, "used him to defame the Sati tradition". Payal tweeted: "No he was a chamcha to Britishers who used him to defame the Sati tradition. Sati tradition was not compulsory but was introduced to prevent the prostitution of Hindu wives by the hands of Mughal invaders. It was the woman's choice. #FeministsofIndia Sati was not regressive."

4. When she tried to defame Jawaharlal Nehru's wife 

Police in Rajasthan have registered a case against TV actress and reality star Payal Rohatgi on October 12 for making objectionable comments in a video against the family of freedom fighter Motilal Nehru as well as "defaming" the wife of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamala Nehru. 

It was alleged that Rohatgi has insulted Motilal Nehru by making false allegations against his wife to defame her. She had also insulted Jawaharlal Nehru by levelling false charges over his wife's character as well, he alleged.

The complainant in the FIR said that the video which is still on Facebook was posted on September 21 and it can hamper India's relations with other nations as it posts objectionable comments with pictures in context of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri's death.

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