Patriotic Filmmaker’s Sleazy Behaviour – Blast from the Past

Patriotic Filmmaker’s Sleazy Behaviour – Blast from the Past

This well-known filmmaker who was known for his patriotic films had a terrible side to him that only few knew about. Can you guess who we are talking about?
Patriotic Filmmaker’s Sleazy Behaviour – Blast from the Past

He was known for his blockbuster films about desh bhakti and desh prem. And yet Mr Patriot had a dark side to him that  only his heroines  knew  about. He worked  with some  of  the  most gorgeous legendary heroines  of his times. Each one of them seems to have  her own horror story about Mr Patriot’s drunken calls. One of his most distinguished  no-nonsense  heroines told me this incident.

“I got a  few late-night  calls  from him and sternly told him  to not  call me after  6 pm.  Then the  next day  I was shooting with R (she names another  beautiful legendary  actress). Between shots, she told me she had been receiving those slurring late-night calls  too. I said,  ‘You too?!’  and  we both had a good laugh.

For  another  top heroine of  the  1970s  gave  up  her superstardom  to marry  an iconic  actor, Mr Patriot’s post-midnight antics were not a problem. It was his leery  attitude. She recounted, “We were  shooting on the crowded streets. I was dressed in  a saree tucked  around  me like  a loincloth  and blouse as I was  playing a very rustic  character. Between shots  I would put a dupatta  over my blouse. He insisted I remove the  dupatta. He  is  a  very dirty man.”

I know of no  leading who doesn’t have a story to tell about this  legendary  actor-filmmaker. If  he existed in  the era  of MeToo he would been  behind bars. Or maybe  just banned  from drinking  after  shooting. Come  to  think of it, so  many of  the  big guns from the entertainment industry misbehaved  with  female  actors, as  though by right.

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