Parineeti Chopra Reveals Her Motivation For Staying Fit!
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Parineeti Chopra Reveals Her Motivation For Staying Fit!

Parineeti Chopra struggled to get in shape but now seems to have it all under control

Parineeti Chopra has admitted that it was the pressure of being part of Bollywood that helped and motivated her to lose weight and bring about such dramatic change with her body, reports UNI.

She said, “Bollywood pressure helped me in losing weight. Because I was trying to lose weight for past 14 years. And when I came into the movies and came in the public eye --the audience, the fashion police, my directors and producers everybody started giving me feedback on how I look and that really pushed me to work double hard to lose all the weight and work at it,” Parineeti said.

Parineeti seems to have found her motivation in Bollywood. Have you found yours yet?

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