'I Am Making a Lot of Money': Parineeti Chopra
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'I Am Making a Lot of Money': Parineeti Chopra

The talented Parineeti has amazing cars and is raking in the moolah

We can safely say that Parineeti Chopra has put her MBA degree to good use. And also that she has done the best thing by handling her own financial affairs! She admits that she’s a little happier today with the financial position she’s in, and is making her money from the 12 endorsements she does, besides her films. As she admits, “Thankfully, I am making a lot of money. I think the reason is my endorsements – you earn mostly from them and I am thankful for them.”

And what does she do with that money? Well, she has a penchant for great cars and currently owns three luxury brands! But it’s a home she’s now aiming at, since she’d prefer to move out of her rented apartment in Andheri. “My budget for the house (I want to buy) is very good. People make fun of me wanting to make money but I want to be financially independent.” 

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