Zara Noor Abbas: What You Need to Know About the Lead Star of Parey Hut Love

Zara Noor Abbas: What You Need to Know About the Lead Star of Parey Hut Love

Zara Noor Abbas has made her mark in just three years through television and film. Her film 'Parey Hut Love' is releasing on Eid-ul-Adha and is being looked forward to.

Zara Noor Abbas who is known as Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui since marrying the actor Asad Siddiqui comes from the illustrious family of Ahmad Bashir. Zara Noor Abbas’s family has produced some of the most prominent figures of the Pakistan media industry. Although she always wanted to work in television, Zara Noor Abbas was not initially allowed to become a part of the media industry. Although her career spans over only three years (starting from 2016), Zara Noor Abbas already has a lot in her kitty. She is one of the most loved Pakistani actresses on social media and has many fan pages in her name.

Here are some facts you never knew about Zara Noor Abbas.

1. It runs in the family

As mentioned earlier, Zara Noor Abbas comes from the famous family headed by her maternal grandfather Ahmad Bashir. Her aunt Bushra Ansari is one of the most popular female actresses of Pakistan. Zara Noor Abbas’s mother Asma Abbas is also a prominent television and film actress. Her aunts include the actress Sumbal Shahid and writer Neelum Ahmad Bashir. Zara married actor Asad Siddiqui who is also the nephew of famous actor Adnan Siddiqui. Well, from what one can see creativity runs like a marathon in her family.

2. It was a strict and protective household

Zara Noor Abbas and her Mother Asma Abbas have made it clear in many interviews that despite coming from a creative family and being a talented girl she was never allowed to work in television. Zara ‘s father is an ex-army officer and did not have much liking for the showbiz industry. Even while studying in university, the only and pampered sister of three brothers, Zara had to come home on time with one of her brothers and was not allowed to have late night fun with friends.

3. Zara Noor Abbas’s first stage performance was with Bushra Ansari

Not many people know that Zara Noor Abbas’s first performance was with her famous Aunt Bushra Ansari on stage. According to an interview given by her mother Asma Abbas, the family was on one of Bushra Ansari’s stage performances where she called her niece on stage to sing. The little girl with curly locks who was loaded with confidence even at that age sang with no filters on and won the audience’s hearts.

4. Zara studied filmmaking in grad school despite family resistance

Zara Noor Abbas always knew that she wanted to become an actor. When it was time for her to choose grad school, her father and brothers were not pleased. But the little rebel had her heart set on the media industry. She studied filmmaking in Beacon House National University Lahore despite all the resistance from her father and elder brothers.

5. Her career took an upward flight after marriage

Although Zara had started working in television before she got married, her work was restricted. While many female actresses in Pakistan do not work much after the marriage, Zara Noor Abbas’s career took an upward flight after she got married. Her husband Asad Siddiqui was supportive of her work and she did not have to face the resistance the way she did with her parents.  Life after marriage made everything a perfect ride for the girl who always wanted to act and be on screen.

6. She loves to dance

Like acting, Zara Noor Abbas has a knack for dancing too. Her mother Asma Abbas is also known for her highly developed yet organic dancing skills. When Zara Noor Abbas was signed for ‘Parey Hut Love’ Maya Ali mentioned it to Asim Raza that no one can stand Zara’s dancing skills. This even came as a surprise to Asim Raza because no one had ever seen her dancing on screen before.

7. Zara is a mama’s girl

Being the only daughter, Zara Noor Abbas has always lived a protective and pampered life before getting married. According to Zara’s mother Asma Abbas, when she was diagnosed with Cancer the first person she thought about was Zara who was very attached to her mother. When Asma Abbas was going through her chemotherapy sessions, Zara Noor Abbas stayed by her mother’s side throughout and left everything to take care of her. Zara Noor Abbas dots on her mother and shares a close bond. They often share clothes and Zara also loves wearing clothes designed by mommy dearest.

8. She promotes a positive body image

Zara Noor Abbas has broken the body stereotypes for a heroine in today’s time. When it is all about being size zero, Zara Noor Abbas has proved that being curvy is equally beautiful. She often promotes a positive body image in her interviews and social media posts. Zara Noor Abbas is vocal about the body-shaming she had to go through.

Zara Noor Abbas was also declared ‘Superstar of the Future’ by BBC Asia. She is a girl of many talents and is carrying her family legacy with her own mark. Her girl-next-door image has made her immensely popular with young girls who can easily relate to her. Zara Noor Abbas’s film ‘Parey Hut Love’ is to hit the cinemas on Eid where she is starring opposite Ahmad Ali Butt. Like her previous film Chhalawa, Parey Hut Love is also expected to add feathers to Zara Noor Abbas’s hat. The future is certainly bright like a diamond for this girl.

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