Papon Kiss Controversy: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Papon Kiss Controversy: Here's Everything You Need to Know

The singer was caught on camera kissing a minor!
Papon Kiss Controversy: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Singer Papon who was caught on camera kissing a minor girl, also has a complaint registered against him now. The incident came to light when the renowned Assamese singer planted a kiss on the young girl without her consent. The singer has been booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act for kissing the girl, who was being mentored by him in the show.

Here's a TV report about the incident where the singer was accidentally caught on camera in the act.

Other videos that surfaced also showed Papon kissing her cheek in affection

However, some found it offensive and among them one decided to file a complaint. One of the people who found it offensive was Runa Bhuyan, a supremecourt lawyer. After seeing the inappropriate show of affection towards the child, Runa Bhuyan filed a complaint against the singer with National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. "I am shocked to see the behaviour of the said singer Angarag Papon Mahanta towards a minor girl where he is seen to be applying colours to a minor girl and inappropriately kissing the said girl. On seeing the video, I am seriously concerned regarding the safety and security of minor girl participating in reality shows across India," Runa Bhuyan was quoted as saying by

Following all the allegations and backlash, Papon then stepped down as judge from the show, with his mother asserting that he will never work with the TV channel again.

What are your thoughts on this clip? Do you think it was intentional or just a misinterpretation?

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