Pakistan's Qandeel Baloch Killed By Her Brother
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Pakistan's Qandeel Baloch Killed By Her Brother

The social media celeb was a victim of honour killing

Pakistani social media celeb Qandeel Baloch, who was known for her controversial posts, has been killed by her brother. She was apparently a victicm of honour killing.

Qandeel's father, Mohammed Azeem, has filed a case against his son Waseem Azeem. Her father also testified against another of his sons, who works in the army and reportedly encouraged his sibling to carry out the killing.

Waseem was in the family home in Multan when Qandeel, whose real name was Fauzia Azeem, died.

A source was quoted saying that the initial post-mortem showed that the 26-year-old's nose and mouth had been pinned shut before she died, blocking off her airways.

Qandeel divided opinion in Pakistan, as she appeared on television to speak about female empowerment, often dressed in non-traditional, revealing, clothes.

On her final, July 4 post to her Facebook page, which has almost 800,000 fans, she wrote: "I am trying to change the typical orthodox mindset of people who don't wanna come out of their shells of false beliefs and old practices. "

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