Pakistan's Celebrities Rally Behind Imran Khan as PM: Here's Why

As Imran Khan looks all set to become the country's next Prime Minister, A-list celebrities root for him
Pakistan's Celebrities Rally Behind Imran Khan as PM: Here's Why
Imran Khan

One of the most significant elections in Pakistan has just concluded and going by trends it is clear that Imran Khan, chief of Tehreek-e-Insaaf or PTI is all set to become the country's Prime Minister. Imran has established significant leads and his opponents are lagging far behind. The party has garnered nearly 117 seats out 137 needed to form the government as per reports, he will be able to reach the magic figure with the help of allies. Despite allegations of rigging, the cricketer-turned-politcian's supporters have hit the streets and his fans are celebrating on social media and off it. 

Whether Imran eventually gets the official nod to assume the position of Prime Minister or not (the scene will be clear in the next few hours), he has the solid support of the Pakistani film industry's leading lights behind him. All the leading stars have put their weight around Imran Khan in the days leading upto the elections. Usually celebs, especially in the sub-continent are quite circumspect when it comes to supporting one particular political party or leader, primarily because they wouldn't want to annoy another leader of their supporters. But this time it seems different. Actors and actresses have rallied around 'Kaptaan' and have proudly declared their joy in his imminent victory. 

One of the main reasons, say analysts is that quite like the common man on the street, celebs too see in Imran, a charismatic leader who is not from the political elite. He has worked his way up and more importantly, is seen to have a clean image, unlike most other candidates. The scandals that hit the former cricket captain, most notably because of the leaked excerpts from his second wife Reham Khan's autobiography, does not seem to have had an impact on his career. Celebs see him as one among them as well as easily approachable and as someone who has a huge connect with the youth. 

Here is how Lollywood is rallying behind Imran Khan. 


Basking in the success of Teefa in Trouble, Ali Zafar in one of his tweets, even linked his success to that of PTI. He had even proudly posed with his inked hand on social media. 


Mawra Hocane has been on a social media overdrive in her support for Imran. 


Urwa Hocane made her choice clear too. She was among the many celebs who exhorted fans to go and vote on election day. 


Farhan Saeed, already has declared his 'kaptaan' the Prime Minister of Pakistan, long long before counting ended. 


Former cricketer Wasim Akram who had also been named and shamed by Reham Khan in her autobiography, was of course, firmly behind his former skipper. 

Well, when and if Imran Khan gets officially appointed as the next Prime Minister, it can be surely said the denizens of Lollywood would be celebrating in a big way!