Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s Fashion Evolution

From hunky cricketer to serious PM, Imran Khan has surely experimented with his looks.
Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s Fashion Evolution
Imran Khan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has those classy and charming good looks that no one can deny. The ex-cricketer turned politician has gained a massive fan following over the years, not just because of his good looks but also because of straight talk and no-nonsense politics. Here at Masala! we can’t get enough of this good looking premier. We went down memory lane to look at our favourite looks from history and his style evolution. We see PM Imran as the eligible bachelor of the eighties, the serious politician in the nineties and the leader of the 2000s.

1.     The heyday of cricket: Imran Khan sported a long open v-neck shirt and looked gorgeous as his silky, floppy hair whipped in the air.

2.     Speaking of hair, there was this … um … the time that also happened. For a while. It was odd. We’re repressing it. 

3.     As Imran threw those fast Yorkers, wickets weren’t the only things getting clean bowled. Khan was quite a heartthrob back in the day and considered one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Here Khan sports a total rugged desi boy look. What do you think of it? 

4.     Imran gradually became known for his desi boy looks as he sported shalwar qameez often. He would also add a leather jacket to the shalwar qameez.


5.     The leather jacket has stayed consistently though. 

6.     Here he is in full desi groom mode and broke a ton of hearts as he married news anchor Reham Khan. The couple is divorced now though. 

7.     Imran Khan won the 2018 elections in Pakistan and wore a dark sherwani. He addressed the nation wearing a simple white shalwar qameez that has seemed to become his classic style. 


What do you think of his style evolution? Let us know in the comments.