Padmavaat, Hichki, Raazi and Veere di Wedding: Girl Power Rules the Box Office
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Padmavaat, Hichki, Raazi and Veere di Wedding: Girl Power Rules the Box Office

2018 has seen several heroine-centric films being appreciated by the masses and critics

2018 is an ideal year to be a female  hero. First came  Rani Mukherjee in Hichki, breaking all the myths about  films that spotlight female  heroes,  specially those with disabilities. Now to top it all Alia  Bhatt as a patriotic spy who creates  havoc in her Pakistani in-laws’ home in Raazi has just become the first female  hero in five years  with a 100-crore box-office earning. Alia’s own performance was appreciated a lot and she is now in a league of her own. Before that, there was Padmavaat where Deepika Padukone walked away with the laurels in a film that was named after her character.

All this makes  the Veere Di Wedding team extremely hopeful. The film, starring Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor is celebrating women power at its best. “The success  of Raazi  is definitely good news for us. But we are in a different league. They had the backing  of  two powerful production houses.We cannot get that many theatres and screens. But we’re very happy with the attention that our film is getting,” says Sonam.

Trade pundits say Veere Di Wedding will benefit  independent of the Raazi success. Says trade analyst Atul Mohan, “Raazi was different. A patriotic untold story taken  from history and Veere Di Wedding (VDW) is today's generations’ take on weddings and commitment. Raazi was flocked by families and looking at the promos of VDW it should be patronised predominantly by  youths of metros. Both are different films.”

Adds analyst Amod Mehra, “Ladies will definitely flock to see Veere Di Wedding. But not because of Raazi. But because of  the  bold content.”

Veere di Wedding releases in the UAE today (May 31, 2015). Watch out for our review coming up soon.