Paak Legion: The Long Lost Brothers Leaves You Wanting for More

Paak Legion: The Long Lost Brothers Leaves You Wanting for More

Umair Najeeb Khan's Pakistani superheroes have been all the rage for the last few months on Twitter

The first time I talked to Umair Najeeb Khan was when I heard some titter-tatter of the first Pakistani superheroes on Twitter. Back in September, Marvi, a Sindhi schoolteacher by day and a vigilante by night had taken over social media by storm and almost everyone was taken aback by who this new character was. Scrolling down my Twitter feed, I found Umair Najeeb Khan and asked him if he would be interested in having a chat about this particular character in depth. He agreed and thus I entered the world of Paak Legion.

Paak Legion: The Long Lost Brothers Leaves You Wanting for More

I was still reeling from the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame and the glorious farewell of Iron Man, when the 25-year-old Islamabad based visual artist shared he is working on his own edition of the first-ever release of Pakistani superheroes comic book. And finally, the first issue of the aforementioned comics has recently released. Umair has teamed up with Iman, a Karachi-American writer and journalist, to help him with the story-telling of his characters. The team earlier released a teaser for the Paak Legion and the music, composed by Umer Farooq, added the perfect depth to the minute-long clip.

The Paak Legion, a story based on 12 superheroes hailing from different parts and ethnicities of Pakistan, will be available to the audience in digital prints and paperback. The team has started distributing their first issue, The Long Lost Brothers, - the story of Shahvez and Shahnawaz - twins who were separated at birth and raised in completely different households and environment.

The Long Lost Brothers explores the life of the twins and how fate brought them back together. I received the digital copy of Raad in my inbox last month. Since then, I've been coming to terms with the fact that we now have our own team of superheroes. There were three things that were pretty obvious to me.

1. Umair knew his craft. The attention to detail in the illustration of the comics was impeccable.
2. He needed Iman Sultan to tell this story. Together, they were a dream team.
3. Pakistan needed to venture into the superhero era - and Paak Legion has just laid down the foundation for it.

Why Raad?

Raad means thunder in Urdu. The Long Lost Brothers tell the first story of Paak Legion, which will (presumably) connect to the upcoming stories of the other characters.

Twitter has been in a frenzy as many received their orders of the issue and have been singing praises since.

What I absolutely loved about Raad is how Umair and Iman have managed to make the story engaging in a manner that stays relevant till the very end. Raad manages to show the hardships, the struggles and the vary lives of two brothers in an apt portrayal. How their paths cross and what the future holds (more on this later).

The animation in the issue is terrific. You see, feel and experience the agony, the emotion and the journey of the two. You become a part of the Long Lost Brothers' world. Raad leaves you longing for more.