Oscars 2020: The Most Uh-Oh Moments of the Night

Oscars 2020: The Most Uh-Oh Moments of the Night

Like any other event, last night’s Oscars also witnessed some of the most embarrassing and awkward moments that people are probably never going to forget

The Oscars 2020 kicked off with a bang last night, as the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry was in attendance. Many deserving candidates were awarded, while others were snubbed. But snubbed even way before the ceremony was actually held. These included no female directors nominated for the ceremony, along with a lack of minority representation and a whole lot more – which meant that the night was bound to have some awkward and embarrassing moments. Here is a list of some of them that occurred last night:

Firstly, it was the first performance of the night. Now, the likes of Dolemite is My Name, Queen & Slim and many others were ignored in the nominations. However, the first performance of the night features costumes inspired by the snubbed films. Why? The ceremony opened with dramatic florals, leopard print dresses and suits of the 70s. But why would you opt for costumes inspired by films that you have ignored at the ceremony? Definitely one of the most awkward moments of the night. But the first awkward moment wasn’t over there. Actress Janelle Monae, who was a part of the performance, suffered several wardrobe malfunctions as well – as she wasn’t able to take her jacket off during the performance. However, after struggling for a while, she just dropped it on the floor and carried on like a pro.

Moving on, Eminem surprised the audience with her power-packed performance. While the crowd erupted in cheers for the rapper, the performance had quite a few technical issues. He sang his famous track Lose Yourself, but the performance soon left viewers confused. Frozen star Idina Menzel looked confused as ever because the rapper had won for the same track back in 2003, but did not attend the ceremony because he thought he wouldn’t win. So why come back years later, right? Even Billie Eilish was shocked.

On the other hand, The Irishman filmmaker Martin Scorsese couldn’t care less about the performance as he was spotting falling asleep during it - quite literally. The poor man couldn’t keep his eyes open during, what would one expect to be one of the biggest performances of the night. Looked like Martin really ‘lost himself’ during the performance.

Now, New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi won the Oscar for the Best Adapted Screenplay last night, for Jojo Rabbit. While he slammed Apple keyboards in his acceptance speech – yes, we didn’t expect that – which was awkward, it didn’t stop there. Marvel star, Brie Larson spotted him shoving his award under the seat in front of him. Is that what you do when you win an Oscar? We think not. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He probably just wanted to applaud the other winners of the night and needed a place to keep the prestigious award safe. And what better place than the seat in front of you, right?

Last but not the least – and we’re saving the biggest awkward moment for the end – was when the producers of the Oscars show dimmed the lights during the acceptance speech. What? Yes, that happened. After the Parasite team came on stage to accept the Best Film award, creating history by becoming the first foreign film to do so, producer Kwak Sin Ae continued the speech after filmmaker Bong Joon Ho completed. She said: “I’m speechless. We never imagined this to ever happen, we are so happy. I feel like a very opportune moment in history is happening in history right now. I express my deepest gratitude and respect for all the members of the Academy for making this decision.” The lights were then dimmed to cut it off, but the audience revolted and they were switched back on. Now, that’s no way to treat your winners, Oscars.

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By Shaheera Anwar
A multimedia journalist who keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment and often writes reviews along with opinion pieces on some of the most-talked-about debates