Open Letter to Karan Johar: 'Please Don't Do This To Your Children'

Open Letter to Karan Johar: 'Please Don't Do This To Your Children'

Dear Karan,

Why are you subjectin your adorable twins to the Taimur yardstick of  unseasonable stardom? Why are  you bombarding the public domain with videos where they are tutored to say cute things like, Amitabh Bachchan will save us from the virus (rolling  of  the eyes) and your little daughter tells you not to have a burger as it will make you fat (giggles).

Karan, they are just 2. I mean 2 two-year-olds. Let them grow naturally. As it is, they are under constant scrutiny from the paparazzi. When now during the lockdown, they have a chance to just be themselves in your spacious home, playing, laughing, bonding with each other, you run around behind them with a  camera constantly asking them to be funny for the social media.

You are making your children self-conscious!

Papa, don’t be the paps. Let Roohi and Yash (we should not even be mentioning their names in public) have a normal life, a life freed of the responsibility of posing all the time. One of your close friends told me you buy your twins the most expensive designer clothes from abroad. Just because they can afford your lavish lifestyle, you must not let them think desi is chee-chee, that clothes which don’t have a designer label are for the  poor.

I say this, because I’ve heard children from the film industry talk like this. A  star father had once told me that his star-daughter thought all dark-skinned people were  house helps. He seemed very amused by his darling daughter’s naivete. But the time to be naïve is now up. Children, no matter where they come from, must know there is a reality beyond the one that they are used to in their posh habitats.

Send them out into the world, Karan. Let Roohi and Yash experience the real world. I am not saying they should be made to wear rough khadi clothes, given one meal a day and made to attend the local government school. No! But I am saying they should  not feel that the  wonderful glamorous fancy oyster that you inhabit is the only living reality.

Be their anti-virus. Protect Roohi and Yash like all parents do. But in this case, I think they need  to be  protected the designer world. Othewise their first  question as a grownup would be, ‘Dadda, when can we borrow your clothes?’


Subhash K Jha

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