Oops! Saif Ali Khan has BANNED Photographers from Coming Near Taimur
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Oops! Saif Ali Khan has BANNED Photographers from Coming Near Taimur

The Khan couple has apparently made a firm decision on not to allow paps to snap baby Taimur

The media houses and especially the paparazzi, are in a state of shock with the news that Saif Ali Khan has banned their presence around his house.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have been cooperating with the paps all this while and media houses were free to depute photographers outside the Khan residence when baby Taimur used to leave or arrive with his nanny.

However Taimur is growing up and Saif Ali Khan has realised that their child feels that the presence of paparazzi is normal and he now looks forward to getting photographed.

Alarmed at the change in Taimur's behavior, Saif Ali Khan has expressly banned all photographers from the perimeters of his residence.

A source close to the Khan family told a magazine that daddy Saif has requested the paps to not snap baby Taimur any more since at this age, he has begun to register things in his mind more consciously.

As parents, Saif and Kareena don’t wish that Taimur should understand and get affected by the paparazzi culture. Until now as a baby, he was just enjoying the flashbulbs and attention as fun since it looked unique to him but over the last few months, he has been getting more and more comfortable with the paps and even gestures to them.

So the Khans have apparently requested the paps not to stand outside their residence and click any picture of Taimur wherever he goes.

The photographer circles and Whatsapp groups are already abuzz with the news. But we don't know what happens to the reporters who were on the Taimur beat!

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