Oops! Jacqueline Fernandez Unfollowed Alia Bhatt on Instagram!

Oops! Jacqueline Fernandez Unfollowed Alia Bhatt on Instagram!

Could she really be the reason for Sidharth and Alia Bhatt’s rumoured break-up?
Oops! Jacqueline Fernandez Unfollowed Alia Bhatt on Instagram!

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While actions speak louder than words, activity on social media speaks louder than actions too. Whether it’s leaving cryptic comments on posts, following and unfollowing each other or posting questionable matter, social media is the best place to decode what our celebrities think of each other.

One rumour that’s been surfacing off late is that of Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt breaking up. It all began when news of growing closeness between Sid and his A Gentleman co-star, Jacqueline Fernandez started doing the rounds. Even though the film received mixed reviews, the chemistry between the two was highly spoken about, with their passionate kiss in the film, gathering a lot of attention.

Even though the duo has always denied any chance of a relationship between them, the signs show otherwise. Following the news of Sidharth and Alia breaking up, something that happened on social media caught our attention. Apparently, Jacqueline unfollowed Alia on Instagram, further confirming news of a possible rift between the two.

A source confirmed the news to Pinkvilla saying, “Things came to light when Jacqueline quietly unfollowed Alia Bhatt on Instagram a few weeks ago. This was a result of a major fight which apparently took place between Alia and Sidharth due to his closeness to Jacqueline. Few know that Jackie has been a constant factor in the actor’s life ever since they started shooting for A Gentleman in Miami last year. At that time, during the shoot in Miami, Sid and Alia had just broken up, and Jacqueline and he hit off really well. Post shoot they would often go on long drives and cosy dinners. But then shooting got over and both returned to India. Soon Sid and Alia patched up but Jacqueline still remained a good friend of the actor. Whenever there was time the two would often catch up over a quiet chat or dinner, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. It was a friendship that both enjoyed – both are not from Bollywood and would have a lot to catch up on.”

Hmm. What do you think about the Sid-Alia-Jacqueline situation? Could Jacqueline really be the reason they split?