OMG! Manushi Chhillar Said 'NO' to Salman Khan!
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OMG! Manushi Chhillar Said 'NO' to Salman Khan!

Was it the right move?

It has come to light that Manushi Chillhar has said 'no' to a project with Salman Khan. Apparently Salman himself had approached her but Manushi said that she would prefer to wait before making her Bollywood debut.

Manushi humbly responded to the ‘Sultan’ actor that she is not yet ready for Bollywood, “I might do Bollywood after completing my studies”, she said.
Unlike many other beauty queens in the past, Manushi expressed her ambition to first become a doctor, and then a Bollywood heroine. Well, that's a first, isn’t it? She had also previously said that she wants to do a content driven film with Aamir Khan.

When do you think Manushi will finally make her big debut?

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