Omg! Aditya Pancholi Receives Death Threats, Files Complaint

Omg! Aditya Pancholi Receives Death Threats, Files Complaint

The actor can't seem to catch a break!
Omg! Aditya Pancholi Receives Death Threats, Files Complaint

Aditya Pancholi

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Bollywood bad boy Aditya Pancholi has reportedly landed at the Versova Police Station in suburban Mumbai. And this time, he is not there in connection with anything to do with the actress Kangana Ranaut against whom he has a running feud that spills in and out of court and is picked up by the media.

Sources say that Pancholi approached the police in near panic after he started receiving extortion calls from what he suspects is the underworld. A terse Pancholi refused to divulge any details. He apologetically told Peeping that he could not talk but to contact the police for any information. Pancholi did confirm, however, that he had gone to the Versova Police Station to file a complaint.

Police sources say the actor has been getting calls from unknown numbers since October 18. There have been three calls in all. They were made from different numbers each time. Two calls came from UP and one from Thane. Each time, the caller menacingly identified himself as “Munna Pujari”. While the calls themselves have not been threatening as such, “Munna Pujari” demanded that Pancholi pay him an extortion amount of Rs. 25 lakh, failing which the consequences would be death. The mysterious caller even gave Pancholi a bank account number and ordered the actor to deposit the Rs. 25 lakhs into that account.

According to police sources, the caller could be somebody known to Pancholi. The Anti-Extortion Cell of the Mumbai Police has been intimated about the calls and is investigating Pancholi’s complaint. The police are also running through their crime files to try and identify who in the underworld is “Munna Pujari”.

The last time anything like this happened, it was do to with Pancholi’s son Sooraj who was actress Jiah Khan’s boyfriend and was reportedly accused in 2013 of complicity in her suicide. Sooraj started receiving death threats purportedly from the underworld for his alleged involvement in Jiah’s suicide and the family feared for his life.

But this time, the police do not suspect the extortion threats made to Aditya Pancholi have anything to do with Jiah Khan or Kangana Ranaut. They are being tight-lipped and only said investigations are on. Watch this space for more.

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