Om Puri says divorce is on the way
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Om Puri says divorce is on the way

He's just waiting for the right time

Om Puri is all set to return to his first wife, Seema Kapoor, admitting divorce with second wife, Nandita Puri, is indeed on the cards.

When the news of the divorce first surfaced about a week back, Om Puri had issued a denial. However, he's now said that the statement was issued on his behalf without his consent.

He has admitted that he will be separating from Nandita, but is waiting for the right time as he does not want this move to have any negative impact on their son, Ishaan.

For this reason, Om has moved back into his house, after briefly living in his ex-wife's office.

Once Ishaan comes to terms with these new developments, Om wants to return to his first wife. "I want to spend my old age with Seemaji. I've done her wrong in the past. I need to make amends," he has said.

However, he has denied that his recently-released biography, written by Nandita, has led to the divorce. The book has caused him discomfort and embarrassment as his wife has revealed some private and sleazy details about Om's past.

The actor is also unhappy about his career and the kind of roles that he's getting.

"If this continues, I'll leave Mumbai and live a life of anonymity in any small town. But I'd think about this only after Ishaan is 18," he has been quoted as saying.

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