Om Puri and Wife Nandita Puri Opt For Judicial Separation After 26 Years of Marriage!
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Om Puri and Wife Nandita Puri Opt For Judicial Separation After 26 Years of Marriage!

Nandita had earlier filed a domestic violence charge against the actor...

Crumbling relationships and marriages are at an all time high in tinsel town! Internationally acclaimed legendary actor Om Puri and wife Nandita have opted for judicial separation after 26 years of marriage. The couple share custody of their 18-year-old son Ishaan. 

"The court order came last week. It was a clash of our sensibilities. This happens with people so there is nothing unusual in it. Nandita and I are supposed to talk only regarding Ishaan's education and welfare," Puri told PTI over phone from Mumbai. 

It said in an article in Mid Day that the actor wanted a divorce from his wife, but as per his lawyer the couple will now have separate lives though they will still be legally married. Puri's counsel Jalaja Nambiar said the couple will have separate lives without divorce. "Mr Puri wanted divorce but because things started going here and there, he opted for an amicable settlement and the court granted them judicial separation under which they are a married couple legally but have their separate lives and cannot interfere in each other's matter," she said. 

The actor's wife Nandita Puri, who had earlier filed a domestic violence case against the actor, seemed more positive. "There were no terms. Everything happened peacefully. We are living separately till we get back. We have withdrawn all the cases against each other," she told PTI.

Though she made it plain that she didnt know if theu will get back together again. The couple's differences came out in the open after Nandita published her biography on the actor.  "Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri" apparenly exposed the actor's past relationships in a disrespectful manner, as per the actor himself. 


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