Oh No! Trouble for Padmaavat Isn't Over Yet

Violence over the film still continues
Oh No! Trouble for Padmaavat Isn't Over Yet

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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Padmavaat is easily the most controversial film in recent times. From violence on the sets to death threats to the stars, the film has seen it all. Even though Padmaavat is all set to release in a few days, the film hasn’t been able to escape trouble yet.

Most recently, the Indian Supreme Court issued its decision to clear the release of the controversial film in four states, but the decision has met with violence and protests. Extremist groups have lashed out and burned buses and vandalised a theatre in the western state of Gujarat, to show their anger toward the decision of the court. Despite tight security, many theatre owners, have banned the film due to the fear of continued violence. Before the film was finally granted a release date, there was many conditions that were asked to be accepted. One of them included the name of the film being changed from Padmaavati to Padmaavat, along with five other orders.

We sure do hope the release of the film in a few days doesn’t cause any more violence. Watch this space for more updates.