Nusrat Jahan Responds to Criticism for Wearing Sindoor: "I represent an inclusive India"
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Nusrat Jahan Responds to Criticism for Wearing Sindoor: "I represent an inclusive India"

Nusrat Jahan, the Trinamool Congress MP from Basirhat and a Muslim, faced criticism for wearing a sindoor and mangalsutra in Parliament and her marriage to businessman Nikhil Jain by a Muslim cleric

Nusrat Jahan has recently responded to a statement made by Mufti Asad Qazmi, a Muslim cleric, criticizing her for her alleged "Un-Islamic behaviour" by clarifying that she is a Muslim and later stating in a tweet that she represents "an inclusive India." As the Trinamool Congress MP from Basirhat, Nusrat recently appeared in Parliament to take her oath and was donned in a sari along with a sindoor and mangalsutra. The latter two are often considered synonymous with married Hindu women. In his statement, Mufti Asad Qazmi condemned Nusrat for being a Muslim that was married to a Jain. Nusrat and her now husband Nikhil Jain married only a few days ago in a lavish series of ceremonies.

In response to Nusrat's inter-faith marriage as well as her choice of attire for Parliament, Mufti Asad Qazmi of Jamia-Sheikh-Ul-Hind Madrassa in Deoband, announced that there would be a fatwa issued against her. The cleric stated, "We have come to know through media that she was wearing ‘sindoor’ and mangalsutra and has married a person of the Jain faith. She has violated Islam as a Muslim can marry a Muslim only.” He has added that he does not recognize the marriage for this reason.

Now, Nusrat has spoken out against the criticism and has posted a tweet explaining her views on the controversy along with an attached note. "Paying heed or reacting to comments made by hardliners of any religion only breeds hatred and violence, and history bears testimony to that..," she said in a recent tweet. In the attached note, Nusrat wrote on how she represents a more inclusive India. "I represent an inclusive India.. which is beyond the barriers of caste creed and religion.. as musch as i respect all religions.. i still remain a muslim.. and non should comment on what i choose to wear.. faith is beyond attire.. and is more about believing and practicing the invaluable doctrinces of all religions.

Before entering politics, Nusrat used to be an actress that primarily did Bengali films. She first assumed office earlier this year.