Not Eating Your Vegetables: Here Is Broccoli Coffee For You

Not Eating Your Vegetables: Here Is Broccoli Coffee For You

With fast food culture that has taken roots this decade, the tendency to eat raw vegetables in their essence has become quite the struggle. Cauliflower has found its way into smoothies, rice bowls, and more. But now, it's broccoli that's causing a stir in your coffee like literally
Not Eating Your Vegetables: Here Is Broccoli Coffee For You

The concept of broccoli coffee was developed in Australia by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and Hort Innovation. "With a rising trend in healthy eating across the board, Australian growers are always looking at ways to diversify their products and cut waste while meeting consumer demand," Hort Innovation chief executive John Lloyd said in a press release, later adding, "Research shows the average Australian is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day, and options such as broccoli powder will help address this."

What Is Broccoli Coffee?

No you are wrong if you think Broccoli coffee is a steaming mug of caffeinated green vegetable juice. Instead, it’s basically just regular old coffee, with a few heaping spoonful’s of broccoli powder stirred in.

How Broccoli Coffee Powder is Made?

Broccoli Powder is basically a dehydrated powder made from the heads of the said vegetable that are considered to be too ugly to be sold in markets or grocery stores for further selling. Basically the vegetable that is otherwise considered to be thrown in dumpster is further processed e.g. desiccated and ground into powder where they find new life as a dietary supplement. Just two tablespoons of the powder contain the entire nutritive punch of a whole serving of the actual vegetable.


The broccoli powder is just not served in coffee but also is available at café houses in Australia to be further used. The Broccoli power can be used in smoothies, dips, soups and baking, and researchers have also used it to make extruded, cheese puff-like snacks that have apparently been a hit with kids.

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