'No One Likes to be Stuck With a Bimbo': Salman Khan On His Ideal Woman
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'No One Likes to be Stuck With a Bimbo': Salman Khan On His Ideal Woman

Who is Bhai talking about?

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is at this minute in the very eye of a storm for making remarks suggesting that his tough shooting schedule rendered him to a state of a violated woman! While many critics and victims of abuse called him insensitive and careless with his tongue, plenty of Bollywood peeps just wanted to forgive him saying his choice of words were wrong and that he did not really disrespect women in general. Director Subhash Ghai defended the 50-year-old actor calling him a child, whose remarks were only used as a metaphor and were misconstrued by the media at large. 

However, a recent DNA article dug up Bhai's interview with Cosmopolitan in 2004, where Salman Khan had shared 12 things men look for in a woman. The list included beauty, honesty, fidelity, sensitivity, style, a fab figure, femininity and intelligence.

He had said that it was absolutely necessary that the women he loved should be loyal. He said: “This is an absolute necessity in any relationship. I would definitely break up with my woman if she cheated on me.” He had added: “Overly touchy women are too whiny, while some just pretend to be helpless to get their way. Men like to play the knight to a damsel in distress, but too much distress can drive even the most loyal lover away.”

Under the style bracket, he preferred women with a ‘make-up free face and hair in a pony-tail’ while ‘too much makeup and too few clothes are not hot’. The same interview states that men like women with a sense of humour and a fab figure. Speaking about the fab figure bit, he said: “When the batting eyelids and shy smiles are replaced with frowns and pursed lips, and the curves turn into tyres, that's when men begin to stray.”

His ideal woman also has attitude, doesn’t lead a man on, doesn’t waste his time and money. And finally he ends by saying, “No one wants to be stuck with a bimbo. She has to be intelligent, dignified and able to understand when we want to be left alone and when all we want is eye contact. We don't like clingy babes. It's not bad to be available for the one you love, but not at the cost of your individuality.”





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