No 'Bigg Boss' for Dino Morea
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No 'Bigg Boss' for Dino Morea

Then why did he meet the star host of the reality show?

Dino Morea says that he has not been approached to participate in the reality show 'Bigg Boss'.

"CLARIFICATION: I have not been approached, nor do I have the intention of being part of 'Bigg Boss', as reported," Dino posted on his Twitter page.

Rumours that Dino might appear in the fifth season of 'Bigg Boss' started off when he was spotted with Salman Khan, the host of the show, at Filmcity where the superstar was shooting for another reality show.

Dino admits he had gone to meet Salman for a business deal.

Dino posted: "Salman Khan is a friend and my company CoolMaal is doing the film BODYGUARD'S merchandise, hence I was there to meet him."

The new season of 'Bigg Boss' will see Sanjay Dutt co-hosting the show with Salman.


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