‘No Big Deal’: ‘Arjun Reddy’ Star Vijay Deverakonda On Being Included in the Forbes List

‘No Big Deal’: ‘Arjun Reddy’ Star Vijay Deverakonda On Being Included in the Forbes List

Vijay Deverakonda was featured in the Forbes Under-30 Achievers but the star is remarkably unfazed

Making it to the  Forbes India 30 Under 30 list is not such a  big deal for  Telugu star-actor Vijay Deverakonda who shot to fame with his stellar game-changing performance as drinking fornicating lover-boy in  Arjun Reddy. Dismissing such  “achievements” as no occasion to pause and preen Vijay says, “Does it matter if I am in the Forbes list? Nothing of this sort matters to me. These things were never the goal. The goal was to live, make some money, feel productive satisfaction, enjoy life, feel happy with me. Such recognition is just chance a by-product, fun occurrences. I can’t pause and look at myself admiringly. I can never do that. Actors are said to be vain. But I  don’t  think to stare at myself  in the mirror would make me  a better actor.”

At the same time, Vijay admits being dismissive of such achievements is not quite the proper thing to do. “It's easy to say things don't matter when you have them. So I don't know. I am just a normal boy going about my life the way I would want to. And the constant expectations to explain how I function and share my thoughts on what all's happening is really tiring. I am a confused boy, still figuring out what I feel, what I want to do. I am still finding my bearings, trying to understand my needs.”

Right now Vijay’s full focus is on completing his next Telugu film Dear Comrade. “Nothing else natters to me right now. It’s a film and a character I’ve not played before. I‘ve sworn never to repeat myself.  Which is why the  thought  of  doing a remake of  Arjun Reddy or Geetha Govindam doesn’t excite me at all.”

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