Nisha Kundnani: Stylist to the Bride

Nisha Kundnani: Stylist to the Bride

Nisha Kundnani’s brand Bridelan offers all the solutions for a bride to look fab and forget her stresses on her big day
Nisha Kundnani: Stylist to the Bride
Nisha Kundnani

Over the years, Nisha Kundnani has worked in the media as well as a stylist for celebrities like Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and Shraddha Kapoor. It was the entrepreneurial itch that made her start Bridelan – an end-to-end consultancy service for the bride, groom and the families. Aside from creating a stylized and well put-together, cohesive wedding wardrobe, their services also extend to wedding-day assistance in dressing up, draping and styling for shoots, personal shopping, makeovers, fitness advice, editorial video shoots highlighting the couple’s story and more.  Thus far, Bridelan has served brides from all corners of the world including the US, Australia, Europe, South Africa and the UAE. So how does a bridal stylist enhance a wedding? This is what Nisha has to say.


Mostly, styling as a concept and a professional service is understood in the context of celebrities but the idea that brides and grooms should hire a stylist or wedding consultant is still an emerging concept. Most brides do not realise that ideating and achieving a unique look requires thought, effort and working with the right suppliers. Working with a stylist for your wedding can give you the confidence to create a unique look based on your personality. However, this is a consultative process and you have to allow a stylist into your personal space.


Brides of Indian origin often come to India for their wedding shopping with a wish list as they may not have the access to the designer store locally. But when they visit India for a few days, they may feel lost and overwhelmed. Each designer offers something different so it can be difficult to filter and find what's best for you. That’s where we come in. For visiting brides-to-be, we can arrange personal shopping sessions and consultations with leading designers. We also work via phone, skype or email to discuss their vision and then advise them on the options so that they need not come to India at all. The right styling for the NRI bride is very important as, with so many tasks on her plate during the planning, her wardrobe should not get neglected.


• Couture is not ready made
• The big designers take custom orders for couture lehengas and saris. Not everything is available off the rack. One has to place orders based on samples you try. It is imperative to try and weigh all your options before making a choice.
• Get young talented designers for less but avoid knock-offs
Be respectful to the big names. There is a big "copy market" in India and everything is available at knock-off prices. Put in a little more money and buy a less ornate piece but don’t compromise on quality by getting a knock-off.
• India is expensive
It’s a myth that you will get outfits for lesser price in India. Be prepared to spend, as Indian couture can be the most expensive in the world. However, everything you buy has heirloom quality and it can be passed on to generations.
• Know your jewellery
Kundan is just glass stones. It is not uncut diamonds like polki jewellery. Not all costume jewellery is pure silver; it will corrode in a few months and turn black. Whether buying fine jewellery, gold, diamonds or even silver, be sure of quality.
• India is vast in geography
We’re a very big country with key shopping cities spanning the length and breadth of the country. It is impossible to cover north, south, east, and west in a short trip. Stick to one city, or maximum two, to finish your shopping. Also, be practical. Try to cover most designers in the bigger cities such as Delhi and Mumbai.
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