Nick Jonas Groped By A Fan At A Concert, Fans Calls Out Disrespectful Behaviour

Nick Jonas Groped By A Fan At A Concert, Fans Calls Out Disrespectful Behaviour

Nick Jonas was performing at a concert in Los Angeles when a woman from the audience touched him inappropriately

Ever since Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra married Disney star Nick Jonas late last year, the industry has been buzzing with news about the two. Whether it’s the couple vacationing at a beach resort or partying it up in a club, they’ve always made headlines. Priyanka is also a huge supporter of Nick. The actress accompanied him on his Jonas Brothers tour and shared that she enjoyed it a lot. However, at a recent concert, it was reported that Nick was groped by a fan – which has angered a lot of his followers.

Nick was performing with his brothers, Joe and Kevin in Los Angeles earlier this week, when a fan touched him very inappropriately. The horrific incident was also caught on camera. The trio was performing Only Human when a member of the audience got too close to Nick. The concert-goer stood behind Nick and proceeded to touch his left leg. A security guard spotted the fan and tried to stop the woman and then proceeded to touch Nick’s right leg as well. Nick soon swatted the hand away before he turned around to take a look at the fan. There have been reports if the fan was escorted out of the venue or not. Nick or any of the other Jonas Brothers haven’t commented on the incident either, however, fans have been very upset.

One user said, “I can’t believe I have just watched a video of Nick Jonas getting groped on stage by a fan. Security was batting her hands away but the only thing that stopped her was Nick batting her hand away from the inside of his thigh and then turning round and glaring at her.” Another added, “Someone actually groped Nick Jonas during a concert and I'm not one for violence but I kind of want to punch her because Nick is one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and I'm so mad right now.”

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By Shaheera Anwar
A multimedia journalist who keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment and often writes reviews along with opinion pieces on some of the most-talked-about debates