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Did Shahid Kapoor Mockingly Rename Co-Star Alia Bhatt to Alia Faintom?

Find out why!

The awesome chemistry crackling between Shahid and Alia in Shaandar has become the talk of the town. Another thing that people are raving about is Alia Bhatt’s neat bikini bod that the trailer gave us a glimpse of. But did you know Shahid has now rechristened Alia, ‘Alia Faintom’?!

That’s because she would apparently faint a lot on the sets. Word has it that to acquire this superhot bikini figure, Alia underwent a strict diet and intensive workout regimen. And the extensive workout was the reason she would faint ever so often! However, the petite actress recently told the press that her diet and workout were not the cause of her ill health, but that she was going through a period of low BP, due to ‘other stress’.

Considering Alia has been on recent holidays to Hyderabad and then London, and her alleged relationship with beau Sidharth is also going steady, one wonders what the stress is all about. Thankfully the girl has got out of it.