New menu at Zaatar w Zeit
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New menu at Zaatar w Zeit

Exciting additions and healthy alternatives

Zaatar w Zeit (ZwZ), the premier Lebanese chain owned by Cravia, has launched a new menu offering fresh and exciting ZwZ recipes and healthy alternatives.

ZwZ new menu has a totally new look and feel, focusing on a simple but clever design, and is divided into several sections.

Highlights of the new menu include a Multi-Cereal Dough, a healthier option containing more fibres. Also, a unique Sun-Dried Tomato Dough has been added to some items to give them better taste.

The new 'Teazers', or appetizers section contains four kinds of quick bites: Halloumi, Sticks, Escalope Djeij, Batata W Jebneh Bil Fern and Bass Batata. While the new 'Saladz' section contains five new treats: Z Roquette, Z Fattouch, Z Caesar, Caesar W Djeij and Khodra Khadra.

The 'Manakeesh' section contains traditional Lebanese breakfast from Zaatar to Jebneh and Labneh to Lahem Beajine.

While the 'Speciality Wrapz' section hosts all the specialties that have made ZwZ a regional favourite.

A range of new desserts has also been added.

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