New improved anti-ageing formula

New improved anti-ageing formula

L'Oral Revitalift now fortified with Elastin

L'Oral Revitalift is a popular range of anti-wrinkle creams. L'Oral laboratories have now created a new improved formula in which its active ingredients, Pro Retinol A Forte and Fibre Elastyl, are reinforced by the addition of elastin and soya protein.

Elastin is the skin's secret weapon in its fight against the ageing process. A protein, rich in essential amino acids, elastin provides exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attacks and combines with micro-fibrils to form the elastin fibres that give the skin its capacity to stretch and bounce back like a rubber band.

Unfortunately, with age our skin produces less and less elastin. In our late forties, these elastin fibres disappear almost entirely. Those that remain run parallel to the epidermis, reducing the firmness of the skin and allowing it to sink, which creates the perfect environment for wrinkles to take hold.

New Revitalift Elastine from L'Oreal Paris protects and strengthens our networks of elastin fibres on several levels. Firstly, Fibre-Elastyl protects existing elastin fibres from degradation, limiting the fragmentation of the skin's elastic fabric. Secondly, the extract of elastin selected by L'Oral scientists has an amino acid composition close to the skin's natural elastin to replenish the fibrous network of ageing skin. Finally, soya protein stimulates the skin's natural production of elastin fibres.

Revitalift also contains Pro-Retinol A, which stimulates cell regeneration to thicken the skin and smooth out wrinkles. Revitalift's innovative formula allows for the continuous diffusion of Pro-Retinol over time, increasing the penetration levels threefold.

New Revitalift with Elastine range comprises of Revitalift Day Cream with Elastin (Dh52.30), Revitalift Night Cream with Elastin (Dh52.30) and Revitalift Eye Cream with Elastin (Dh52.30).

This new range of products makes strong claims. It can fade wrinkles, reduce the total wrinkled surface, give the facial outline better definition and make skin visibly and lastingly firmer and younger looking.

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