New Derma Genesis from L'Oreal Paris

New Derma Genesis from L'Oreal Paris

Four facial skincare products to rejuvenate and hydrate

Seven years of research and innovation in the L'Oreal laboratories have resulted in the development of the revolutionary Derma Genesis, the youth creating skincare line.

The products are capable of creating new cells to rejuvenate and re-plump the skin and invigorate cell vitality resulting in immediately firm, tautened, hydrated and revitalised skin naturally.

Derma Genesis is a complete facial care range consisting of a regime of four steps: Day Cream with SPF15, Intensive Night Cream, Eye Contour cream and the innovative new "layering" step in the form of Derma Genesis Serum Concentrate used exclusively beneath Derma Genesis day and night creams to provide extra moisture and rejuvenation for your skin.

First step: Serum Concentrate is formulated with pure Hyaluronic Acid. It is applied before the Day and Night Creams originating an intense smoothness and radiant lightning.

Second step: Day Cream with SPF 15 responds to three visible ageing symptoms: wrinkles, skin damage and loss of facial firmness resulting in an immediately plumped up, tautened and illuminated skin.

Third step: Eye Contour cream addresses the fragile contour zone around the eyes and has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. The effectiveness extends to anti-wrinkling and anti-dark circles treatment for additional beauty benefits.

Fourth step: Intensive Night cream harmonises the biological rhythms in the skin at night when cell regeneration is more intense than during the day resulting in revitalised, tautened and revived skin.

The world renowned star Penelope Cruz is the spokesperson of Derma Genesis.