New Chapter in Hrithik Roshan's Life

New Chapter in Hrithik Roshan's Life

The actor is making way for some major changes

Much has been talked about Hrithik Roshan’s personal and professional life. With the whole of last year being a turning point in Hrithik’s life, it seems he is ready to let go of the past and finally move on.

Recently, Hrithik rented a third floor apartment in the same building as that of Akshay Kumar in Juhu. The sea facing flat’s interior is being done up by Alan Abraham, John Abraham’s younger brother. We heard that Hrithik has also been taking a special interest in the décor of his new apartment. A source close to the actor said, “Hrithik has specific demands, which Alan is looking into closely. He wants everything to be done as per his taste. Although Hrithik has been busy with work, he keeps constant tabs on the renovation in his apartment.”

Interestingly, as soon as the Abu Dhabi schedule of his film Bang Bang ended, Hrithik ran towards the blue sea nearby and dived in to chill and celebrate the end of the shoot with his crew. Looks like the actor is turning a new leaf!