New AirPods Pro Covered In 18-Karat Gold Will Cost You A Whopping $67,000

New AirPods Pro Covered In 18-Karat Gold Will Cost You A Whopping $67,000

Are you a gadget enthusiast and want the latest technology at your fingertips? If you have it all and want your next gadget, these 18-karat AirPods could be your best bet
New AirPods Pro Covered In 18-Karat Gold Will Cost You A Whopping $67,000
AirPods Pro covered in 18-karat gold

In this day and age, the world of tech advances at the speed of light. From new gadgets to the latest technology to all the accessories one could need to live a technology rich life; it’s all available. You can now walk into a store and buy a gold-plated phone, a diamond ecrusted encrusted iPhone and now, even AirPods that are covered in real gold!

Yes, you read correctly. A luxury gadget company has now introduced a pair of AirPods that are made of pure gold!

Caviar, the the Russian luxury gadget company that brought us the $70,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone 11 Pro, just released a pair of AirPods which are made of "750-content gold" (which for the unversed like us, translates to 18-karat gold or 75 percent pure gold). The AirPods are available for a whopping $67,790, which is just some loose change if you’re the heir to an oil fortune. The steep price is $67,540 more than the price of a regular set of AirPods Pro. Now the AirPods don’t just stop at being coated in gold, they also come with get a gold-covered wireless charging case.

Now, while that may be out of the budget for most people, Caviar also has a range of much cheaper luxury editions. Case in point, the Grace model which is a pair of black AirPods Pro with a case in black; which is covered in genuine python leather. These will set your wallet back $1,550. These are also available in crystal white which will cost you $1,320.

But hold on, if you aren’t into python leather, you can even get the wireless charging case which is encased in alligator leather! Caviar  has been generous with its colour offering and has four different color options for this: green ("Prosperity," $1,550), black ("Confidence," $1,440), dark chocolate ("Grandeur," $1,400), and pink ("Delicious," $1,550).

Now, if you think you’re ready to take the plunge and spend on the new gadget, you better get clicking because Christmas is fast approaching and these are most certainly going to sell like hot cakes. They are also shipped all the way from Russia.

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