Netflix India hints at an Indian remake of Lucifer starring Hrithik Roshan
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Netflix India hints at an Indian remake of Lucifer starring Hrithik Roshan

They shared a suggestive image to their social media

Fans of fantasy tv were delighted to see Netflix India’s latest social media post which suggested they might be commissioning an Indian remake of the popular TV series Lucifer. Netflix India posted an image to their Instagram with the caption, “If Lucifer was made in India” which featured an image of Tom Ellis, who plays the main character in Lucifer alongside the Indian actor Hrithik Roshan. The post also included 5 other images of other potential Indian cast members.

Season 5 of Lucifer was released last week on Netflix, and has already been warmly received by fans of the show. Tom Ellis plays the role of a charismatic devil who escapes hell for a glitzy life as a club owner in Los Angeles.

The social media post from Netflix India caused a stir online, causing fans to come forward to share their approval of the suggested Indian cast. The post featured six potential Indian cast members next to the original cast including actors Radhika Apte for the character of Mazikeen and Ranganathan Madhavan as Amenadiel.

The post was captioned with a quote from the TV show saying, “Before you fight us, we have already fought amongst ourselves and this is the result. Did we get it right?”
One fan showed their approval of the Indian cast, writing, “We believe radhika aapte can play all roles!”. Other die hard Lucifer fans were concerned with the casting, with one writing, “No way!!! It's no justice to Tom Ellis”.

The cryptic post from Netflix India doesn’t confirm an Indian remake of Lucifer, but if the show does get made, we are in for a treat!

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