Netflix Diecisiete Movie Review: Diecisiete Is A Spanish Heart-Warmer
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Netflix Diecisiete Movie Review: Diecisiete Is A Spanish Heart-Warmer

Netflix Diecisiete Movie Review: It’s a film suffused with clichés but works well as an entertainer

  • Movie Name Diecisiete(Spanish, Seventeen)
  • Director Daniel Sanchez Arevalo
  • Actor Biel Montoro, Nacho Sanchez
  • Rating
  • Rating 3/5 Stars

Rating: ***(3 stars)

Two warring brothers, one  dying grandmother and a  3-footed dog on a road trip. Was  that the brief given to the director of this formulistic yet heart-warming Spanish film? Looks  like it. Diecisiete(Seventeen) is a film suffused with clichés. Albeit, endearing  clichés  that  we just can’t help warming up to. The  film opens on a  really high note with the juvenile 17-going-on-18 delinquent protagonist Hector(Biel Montoro) stealing into a  mall and spending the  night in  buyable tent.

The  droll deliciousness of the opening lingers, even as  the film favours banality  over  freshness. Bouts of  freshness spring up  intermittently as  Hector and his harried at-his-wit’s-end  elder  brother  Ismail(Nacho Sanchez) take off on a road trip that would do what  it’s  expected  to: bring the  brothers  closer even as  Hector’s search for a beloved  missing dog(named Sheep, because, well, he resembles one) becomes meditation on  loving and  letting go.

There are  running jokes about  the missing dog, about the definition of   sarcasm and  the grandma being  ‘told’  not to die  while the two brothers  are  busy elsewhere which  would bring  a smile  to every viewer’s face. Who wouldn’t like  to laugh in the face of adversity, penury and death? But thereis nothing here that we haven’t seen before in innumerable road films. 

What works in the  narrative’s favour is  the  tranquil Spanish  countrysides where  this quaint but  conventional bromance is located. There are  lovely  shots of  the family trailer  gliding gently along   the  serpentine  greenery. These  images  of natural beauty suggest a  pure hearted approach to the  theme of   sibling bonding that never lets  itself down even  when the screenwriters put the two brothers  in  the  tritest of situations.

By  the time the  road bromance  reaches the old dying grandma’s native village, the plot  has clearly run out of ideas. That’s  okay. Life , which this  all-heart-no-artifice drama  imitates so ardently, is often  like that.  We run out of  reasons to  keep going. And then  life splutters  to a start  again.

See  this film if you enjoy watching a dysfunctional family fielding itself with  feeling from  falling apart.

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