“Nepotism is rubbish” says singer Amit Trivedi

“Nepotism is rubbish” says singer Amit Trivedi

Sushant Singh Rajput’s voice-over singer says he doesn’t believe nepotism exists in the music industry

Composer and singer Amit Trivdei provided the singing voice for Sushant Singh Rajput in various songs. In an interview the composer said he doesn’t believe nepotism exists in the music industry.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Amit said, “Nepotism is rubbish. It is the most time-waste topic people are consuming these days. There is nothing called nepotism. If there is nepotism, it’s only among heroes and heroines, otherwise it’s nowhere.”

Going on to clarify, the composer made sure to say this is only applicable to the music industry. “No one’s father is bothered about whose son is the director or the music director or the singer. You should ask this question only to actors. No one else is bothered about it, I am not. There is nothing called nepotism in the music industry,” Amit expressed.

Amit worked on some of the most well-known of Sushant’s compositions such as Manjha (Kai Po Che) and Jaan Nisaar (Kedarnath). Speaking on these songs he said, “Whenever I will perform these songs on stage or play them, the first thing that will come to anybody’s mind will be Sushant and how heartbroken we all of us are for the extreme step he has taken.”

Reflecting on Sushant’s death the musician said, “Whatever may be the reason but he has taken the step. I was really shattered and heartbroken. We have worked very closely, it’s tough to deal with such a loss.”​ 

Amit composed the music for the reccent Netflix's orginal movie, Bulbbul. 

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