Neil Bhatt as Lakshman in Zee TV's 'Ramayan'

Neil Bhatt as Lakshman in Zee TV's 'Ramayan'

The actor was hoping to be cast in the role of Ram!
Neil Bhatt as Lakshman in Zee TV's 'Ramayan'
A still of Neil Bhatt from Zee TV's 'Ramayan'

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Remember Neil Bhatt the actor who made his telly presence in a lead role in 'Arsalaan' on Star Plus? He was also part of shows like 'Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Hai Woh Rab Ki Marzi Hai' on SaharaOne '12/24 Karol Bagh' on Zee TV and 'Gulaal' on Star Plus. After portraying a few romantic roles, Neil has now bagged the role of Lakshman in Zee TV's launch of 'Ramayan'. This mythological show is expected to revive the trend of showing mythical series back on the weekend morning slot on the small screen.

Although Neil wanted to play the role of Lord Ram in the show, he still managed to grab the vital role of Lakshman. Neil says, "I'm told I was cast as Lakshman because of my lean, athletic physique that matched Lakshman's role. Also, the language is kept very simple and can be understood easily by the masses. This makes it easier for actors to emote well with their characters with conviction and also connect with their audience.

Neil keeps himself busy reading 'Ramcharitamanas' to better understand the character of Lakshman and he also practices power yoga, Pilates and cardiovascular training to get into the skin of the character. Neil requires one and a half hours to prepare himself for his role but he is trying to get into the Lakshman avatar in less than thirty minutes to avoid wasting time on the sets.

The actor however admits that when he was approached for 'Ramayan' he expected to play lead role of Lord Ram. "As an actor, it is only natural to want the meatiest role that allows one to fully showcase his range of histrionics," he says. "So, while I was definitely more keen to be cast as Ram at first, I now clearly see that it is all three – Ram, Sita, Lakshman who are the key protagonists of 'Ramayan'. The role holds ample scope for me to perform as an actor."

So far, the audiences know very little about Lakshman but looks like Neil through his acting skills will prove the importance of Lakshman in 'Ramayan'.

'Ramayan' airs every Friday at 12noon on Zee TV!