Neena Gupta Talks Stories about Middle-Aged Women in 2019

Neena Gupta Talks Stories about Middle-Aged Women in 2019

Neena Gupta revealed that she's happy about being offered important roles even now
Neena Gupta Talks Stories about Middle-Aged Women in 2019

Bollywood actress Neena Gupta started her career in 1982 with Raman Kumar's Saath Saath. She starred along with Madhuri Dixit in Khalnayak's Choli Ke Peechay, which is still remembered to this day, and later, also signed a number of TV projects. Now spending over three decades in the industry, the star has come a long way. And in an industry where yesteryear actresses or even those of the 90s are not cast as leads in films, Neena, being a veteran, can still be seen taking up major roles in films now. The actress is happy that she is still being offered substantial roles at this age in her life.

In Adi Sonal - a part of six short stories named Shuruaat Ka Twist - Neena will be seen playing an important role. She will be seen as the matriarch of a typical joint Indian family, where the man of the does nothing throughout the day, except get served and cared for by his wife. Speaking of her role in Adi Sonal, Neena told The Indian Express, "My look is similar to that of Badhaai Ho, but my character is much older and poorer in Adi Sonal. There is a beautiful relationship between my character and her husband. He is much older than I am. He is a demanding husband who always wants something or the other."

Adding to now having more stories about ageing and middle-aged women, the actress added, "This is happening because the society has also changed over time. Women have changed so much, but men, not so much. When I go to work now, there are women everywhere doing all kinds of jobs, on and off the sets. We have so many women employers today. There are also cases where women are earning more than men. With this kind of change in society, especially in the urban set-up, however slow it may be - be it 100 years later - the first step has already been taken. The films that are being made today are a reflection of what society is, and the changes that are happening."

Neena last starred in Badhaai Ho opposite Ayushmann Khuranna and Sanya Malhotra which released late last year. The film, directed by Amit Sharma, told the story of an elderly couple who, to their adult son's disappointment, get pregnant. Explaining what attracts her towards such characters, Neena concluded, "Sometimes, I have this sadness inside me because I women in such a bad condition in our country. My heart cries seeing them treated the way they are treated. So, no matter how happy I am, that sad part is always attached to my mind and personality. Maybe that’s why I make sure that I am connected to my fellow women with whatever I do and these kind of roles attract me."

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