Neelum Muneer Receives Flak for Item Number in Kaaf Kangana

Neelum Muneer Receives Flak for Item Number in Kaaf Kangana

Neelum Muneer was criticized by social media users for performing an item number in the upcoming Pakistani film Kaaf Kangana

Items numbers have always been the most talked about subject when it comes to Bollywood or even the Pakistani cinema industry. In the recent past, actresses such as Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif and Kriti Sanon and Pakistani cinema’s Mehwish Hayat have performed item numbers. They have also gone on to defend their stance on them, when social media users trolled them. Likewise, Neelum Muneer – a huge name in the Pakistani film industry – was the recent one to star in an item number for an upcoming Pakistani film called Kaaf Kangana. And she’s also defending her decision to perform in the song.


Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a clip from her song called Khabon Mein and wrote, “I did this song only because this movie is a project of ISPR. Perhaps this is the first and last item song of my life. But you all know that whatever I do, I own it and I do it with pride. Pakistan key liye meri jaan hamesha hazir hai (I would sacrifice my life for Pakistan). I'm sure you all will go and watch this movie. Enjoy.” Her comments and stance has been receiving a lot of flak. Social media users have been trolling her ever since.

One Twitter user wrote, “ISPR is providing a lot of entertainment lately. Time will come when military parade will be replaced by item numbers. Major Neelam Muneer Khan (Sitar-e-Entertainment) at your service.”

Another thought what Hamza Ali Abbasi would have to say on it and tweeted, “Hamza Abbasi right now,” followed by buttons that could appreciate Neelum for her performance or condemn ISPR for the song.

One user commented, “I like you a lot but don't put this on ISPR. There is no benefit of this item song to ISPR or to fighting soldiers. This is on you. If you think item songs are not good then it doesn't matter who is offering you the money.” Another one said, “Question is, why do they have an item song in an ISPR movie something related to Army? What does it trying to portray?”

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By Shaheera Anwar
A multimedia journalist who keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment and often writes reviews along with opinion pieces on some of the most-talked-about debates