10 Times Rangoli Chandel Lashed Out
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10 Times Rangoli Chandel Lashed Out

Rangoli Chandel, sister of actress Kangana Ranaut, is known for her various Twitter jibes. Here are the top 10 times she lashed out

A series of allegations and accusation have been lashed out by Rangoli Chandel, who is a sister spokesperson and manager of Kangana Ranaut. Till now we have become quite accustomed to Kangana outspoken personality and her outbursts on Bollywood celebrities is quite well-known. But during and after the release of perhaps Manikarnika, Rangoli Chandel is on a celeb bashing spree on Twitter these days quite stringently.

1. Rangoli on the Bhatt family:

The beef started with Ali Bhatt not being able to watch Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika upon request due to busy schedule (promoting Gully Boy at that time). That’s when all hell broke loose and strings of accusations and jibes were made against Alia Bhatt and her family. Well recently Alia’s mother Soni Razdan got into some political scuffle with her when she posted her opinions about the elections.

2. Rangoli on Richa Chadha:

A while ago, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel had taken took a jibe at Richa Chadha, calling her a jobless actor along with other choice insults. She even went on to tweet:

Despite her nagging jibes, Kangana and Richa are having ball of time on their film together in Panga and even celebrated Eid together on the film sets.

3. Rangoli and Karan Johar:

2017 went in bashing Karan Johar for nepotism. Well, how can someone so close to Kangana not be a mortal enemy of Karan Johar? This time the self-proclaimed social media manager gave her two cents on Karan Johar throwing Ishan Khatter out of his office. She said in her tweet

In another tweet she lashed out on big wigs of Bollywood and said

Karan Johar has only once responded to Rangoli’s jibes saying “Kangana is one of the best actresses.” Other times her accusations have been met with silence from the director. 

4. Rangoli on Live Love Laugh Foundation:

The Live Love Laugh foundation had certain reservation from the posters of movie Mental Hai Kya and thought to be insensitive towards people living with mental illnesses. That’s when Rangoli jumps in and gives her opinion:

The foundations has kept a sober mum at her jibes and well the tweet clearly was confusing because Deepika Padukone is founder of LLLF and not brand ambassador and cannot be replaced.

5. Rangoli on Vikas Bahl:

After the director of Super 30, Vikas Bahl gets a clean chit in allegations against sexual misconduct, Rangoli took to social media handle and said:

Since the clean chit has enabled Bahl to return to Super 30, he kept himself immersed in filmmaking while keeping a mum on the issue on the special instructions of producer Ekta Kapoor since she assured everyone she won’t make a circus out of all this fiasco.

6. Rangoli on Hrithik Roshan:

A series of tweets started pouring in when Hrithik Roshan's Super 30 and Kangana Ranaut’s Mental Hai Kya were clashing on same day and after much thought the producer Ekta Kapoor decided to change the date since it would bring toxic mental violence to Hrithik Roshan given the history of both the actors. That’s when Rangoli jumped on the accusation bandwagon and tweeted

Another tweet lashing on Hrithik Roshan was:

Hrithik Roshan on the other hand has been minimal in responding to accusations and allegations put forth by Rangoli to avoid any mental trauma and only responds through lawyers and mediators in a very professional manner.

7. Rangoli on Kiara Advani:

Kiara Advani who is a roll right now and bagging meaty roles left, right and centre and recently went under Rangoli’s fire when she announced her new project Indoo Ki Jawani. According to her the title of the movie reduced women to nothing but toys.

While it was evident that Rangoli was quite irked with the title of the movie, Kiara Advani was on top of the moon as it’s a “cracker script” according to her and director Abir Sengupta. Nobody from the film crew responded to Rangoli’s reservations.

8. Rangoli on Farhan Akhtar:

During the ongoing feud between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan in 2017 when Kangana accused Hrithik of allegedly being involved with her and called him “silly ex." That’s when the rumour mills starting making the rounds and caused Hrithik great deal of media scrutiny.  That’s when Farhan Akhtar wrote a long letter and requested everyone that people shouldn’t ‘discriminate’ and keep their judgment restrained just because Kangana is a woman. That’s when Rangoli didn’t hold back and lashed at Farhan saying:

Since Farhan Akhtar and Hrithik co-starred in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Rangoli wasn’t taking any of Farhan’s opinions to be accurate taking into consideration their long standing friendship. Farhan Akhtar chose not to reply further to any of her jabs made against the latter.

9. Rangoli to Sonam Kapoor:

Bollywood A-listers such as Sonam Kapoor as well as Karan Johar appreciated Farhan, and lent support to Hrithik, but they too weren’t safe from Rangoli’s wrath who took to Twitter to express her fury.

Both Sonam Kapoor and Karan Johar did not react to Rangoli’s jabs and kept a dignified silence.

10. Rangoli lashing out at the industry:

Rangoli taking pride in her sister’s achievement solely on her own talent tweets

After the proud admission, nobody from the film fraternity and big banners responded to Rangoli’s tweet sensing them to be just attention gaining tactics.

Rangoli has not only lashed out on almost everyone that Kangana has had a fall out with, but has also taken beef on her own accord on behalf of Kangana. While it seems the vicious circle of allegations keeps on happening every year with each movie release. 2017 went in bashing Karan Johar for nepotism. 2018 went in bashing Aditya Pancholi for being abusive and Hrithik Roshan for being a cheat. This year, again she started putting allegations on Sonu Sood and director Krish.

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