Navjot Singh Sidhu NOT Sacked from Kapil Sharma’s Show, Say Sources
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Navjot Singh Sidhu NOT Sacked from Kapil Sharma’s Show, Say Sources

So has he been fired or not, for his remarks on Pakistan? Navjot Singh Sidhu’s fate hangs in balance

Following Congress MP Navjot Singh Sidhu’s  remarks  on  the  Pulwama attack — Sidhu was quoted as saying, “Can an entire nation be blamed for a handful of people?"—there are reports of the cricketer-turned-politician being sacked from the Kapil Sharma Show.

However, sources close to  Kapil Sharma refute this claim. “Abhi aisi koi baat nahin hui hai. Everybody in the show is too shocked and embarrassed by Sidhuji ’s comments to react. There is no immediate move to remove him,” says the source.

Kapil, a close friend of Sidhu, has defended the latter albeit in an indirect manner. Reacting to the backlash against his show and the trend of #boycottkapilsharma on Twitter, Kapil said that banning Sidhu or his show was not going to solve the issue.

But the friend adds, “Of course Kapil is embarrassed and shocked. But he is very close to Sidhu and  won’t speak against him.”

Apparently, the  Congress High Command has taken note of  Sidhu’s  “demonstrative love for his neighbour” and moves are afoot to curb his enthusiasm. Meanwhile, there were reports that Archana Puran Singh has replaced Sidhu in the show.

We guess we will just have to wait and watch to see how the scene unfolds on the comedy show.

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