Nasir Khan Jan Was Lambasted on a TV Show by Anchors and Twitterati Showed Support to the Vlogger

Nasir Khan Jan Was Lambasted on a TV Show by Anchors and Twitterati Showed Support to the Vlogger

Nasir Khan Jan appeared on a television channel morning show and the hosts’ behaviour towards him was questioned by Twitterati
Nasir Khan Jan Was Lambasted on a TV Show by Anchors and Twitterati Showed Support to the Vlogger
Nasir Khan Jan

Nasir Khan Jan is a social media star who was recently invited to a morning show where he was questioned by the anchors why he was making the ‘vulgar’ videos. Twitterati came in support of Nasir Khan Jan who often makes funny and entertaining videos on Facebook. The anchor demanded why Nasir Khan Jan was making videos that were ‘vulgar’. The anchor, Muhammad Shoaib, asked of Nasir Khan Jan why he wore a towel and danced in his bathroom. Muhammad Shoaib defended his stance saying that he also didn’t have the ‘confidence’ to make such videos. Last year Nasir Khan Jan was arrested ( ) and while he still continues to have plenty of detractors, it was heartening to note people rallying behind him in the face of bullying on network television.
Nasir Khan Jan and Muhammad Shoaib are seen having a back and forth in this video, shared by journalist Omar Quraishi.

Morning shows in Pakistan have a history of displaying questionable ethics. From getting stars ‘married’ and anchors parading their house help in a competition, morning shows have done it all for the sake of ‘ratings’. Television anchor Aamir Liaquat once bullied singer Taher Shah ( ) and slain social media starlet Qandeel Baloch once had to face the ire of Mufti Qavi, a religious scholar.

“This 22 minutes video will clear your mind that how Nasir khan Jan behaved well... This is the difference between a slave of Samaa TV (Host) and an entrepreneur (Nasir khan Jan),” said one user.

Another user added, “Watched Nasir Khan Jan in SAMAA's morning show, very disgusting behavior by the host, fake TRP game. I don’t know what situation was the host going through but If you can't give anybody respect, don't call them on your shows.”

One user defended Muhammad Shoaib comparing him to journalist Mehdi Hasan and how Mehdi Hasan confronts his guests. “@mshoaib336 did what Mehdi Hassan does to every guest of his- Confront them face to face.  And everyone siding with #nasirkhanjan, are the same keyboard warriors who made him a butt of jokes on SM. If showing body is mardangi, then saying it in one's face is also mardangi. No?” The defence was refuted by another saying, “What kind stupid are you? Mehdi hassan confront his guests based on facts. This looser anchor on the other hand is straight up insulting nasir khan jan just because of something he believes nasir khan jan shouldn’t do... I guess you have hard time differentiating things.”

Someone also asked Kiran Aftab, Muhammad Shoaib’s co-anchor, to apologize. “Say sorry to Nasir Khan Jan,” they said, “Jitnay marzi rizay namazen karo (it doesn’t matter how many times you pray), you hurt him your prayers will never be accepted. Both of you equally to be blamed. One barked while other remained silent. We love Nasir Khan Jan.”

Those who weren’t Nasir Khan Jan’s fans also came to rally behind him. “I have never liked Nasir Khan Jan’s videos but still I believe he deserves to be respected and no one has right to humiliate anyone. If you don’t like what he is, don’t invite him to your show. Is that for what you invited him? Is that the way you should treat your guests?”

Journalist Manal Faheem Khan stated, “Let's identify that our real problem with people like Nasir Khan Jan and Qandeel Baloch is a socio-economic one. The same things done by rich celebrities is somehow tolerable but God forbid someone from a different social class tries to sing, dance or celebrate their bodies.” Qandeel Baloch was also bullied online and was later murdered by her brother in the name of ‘honor’.
The anchor, Muhammad Shoaib tweeted, “I respect criticism and silence is my best response. Watch complete show, live session afterwards and then follow haters. Simple :)”

A video by Nasir Khan Jan.

Nasir was also invited later on a podcast with Junaid Akram, a stand-up comic.

For Nasir Khan Jan, Twitterati came in full support of the vlogger and called out the anchors’ questionable behaviour. But the fact remains that anchors enjoy immense power and influence and often do not understand the responsibility that comes with said influence. The debacle raises the question of how much of a carte blanche do television programs have, as they allow such blatant bullying online.