'Nasha' Director Raves About Poonam Pandey
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'Nasha' Director Raves About Poonam Pandey

Amit Saxena was unsure about the strip queen but she left him 'stunned'

Filmamker Amit Saxena, who is launching controversy queen Poonam Pandey in 'Nasha', says he was unsure about casting her in the film. "I had apprehensions because the kind of character the film has demanded a more experienced girl. But when I met Poonam during rehearsals, I was stunned. I was even more sure that nobody other than Poonam can pull off this role," Saxena said in an interview.

'Nasha' has been called an erotic thriller, but Saxena clarifies it is more about sensuality. "It's not an erotic film. I actually don't even know how to make an erotic film. It's an exploration of sensuality," he said.

'Nasha' that releases on July 26, also features debutant Shivam opposite Poonam. The film is produced by Surender Suneja and Aditya Bhatia under the banner of Eagle Home Entertainment.

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